Why wild

Wild edible and medicinal plants require less water and zero or minimal carbon footprint, it brings back ownership of our own life, our birthright, biodiversity, health and wellbeing, it challenge the monetary system, connect us to where we come from and what we are dependent upon…

Honouring and exploring wild growing edible and medicinal plants is a solution to our ecological crisis, closely linked to our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Turning to our biological unity with nature will help us deepening our awareness of our interconnectedness with everything around us, this will transforms us. It will happen naturally, not because we have to.

Directing our attention to our biological unity with nature will allow us to rest in this thought when we are confronted with information about the breakdown of the biological system and climate change.

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The human mind has grown out of the forces of nature, as we destroy nature, we destroy the roots of our own mind.  As we destroy nature, we will develop collective insanity because we are disconnecting ourselves from our own origin, the earth.″ (Carl Jung)