Who’s Emma – the person behind growing with wild

Emma feels deeply about reconnecting herself with where we come from and to surrender in our interconnectedness with nature. She is also passionate about relationships between people and in community, to nurture and restore connections through restorative justice and non-violent communication.

The willingness to get in touch with and touched by the humanity in all of us is beauty for her.

Emma was born in Sweden in 1983 and has been studying and working abroad since 2007. She arrived in Auroville, India, for the first time in 2014 and has since then called Auroville home.

Once she finished her MBA at Hawaii Pacific University, Emma co-founded a company working with quality and social compliance in textile factories in China, India and East Europe. Bringing awareness to and reducing the impact of the environmental and social cost of the textile industry.

After selling the company, her passion has been “growing with wild” – exploring wild growing edible and medicinal plants to feel the illusion of separation and our biological unity with nature.

On top of that, Emma is slightly addicted to her daily morning yoga asana practice, love to dance without restrictions and to play with acro yoga.

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