Harvest wild edible plants for your meals – explore what’s growing wild and edible behind and in-between the fields of AuroOrchard, Auroville.

Why? We seem to have a tendency to be attracted to food that comes from a long distance, has a higher price and need more effort in growing. Many of us have certain ideas of what we can and cannot eat, what taste good and bad. 

Plants that are thriving and adapting to the changes in the environment with no human interference might be what we need to thrive and adapt too.

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Pick, make and try a simple Wild Grassroots First Aid Kit – how wild edible and medicinal plants can contribute to meeting some of your physical and spiritual needs.

Why? It seems to be easier to reach for a pill when we get a headache or factory manufactured cream for a skin rash, then to use the powers of wild plants that are growing all around us.

Plants produce elements for their own healing and growth purposes, we can learn to use these for our own body. We’ll explore this by creating and trying a simple wild grassroots first aid kit.

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Meditation and visualisation – deepen your connection with nature, to surrender to the fact that the whole universe support our existence.


Get to know the abundance around you – learn what’s growing in your garden and backyard, and invite wild edible and medicinal plants to your surrounding. 

Cooking exploration – would you like to include some wild edible and medicinal plants in your recipe ideas and on your menu?

Action group – co-create and take action together, to inspire ourselves, our friends, the community we live in and the world, to explore and observe what wild edible and medicinal plants could mean for us. For our body, spirit and the planet. While going beyond the boundaries of an imposed and corrupt system.

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